Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Day 1 - Harder Than Expected (Heh..Heh)

Good Evening Ladies and Gentleman,

As I am concluding my first day of masturbatory celibacy I look back and realize how hard (no pun intended) this is going to be. Just sitting here typing at my computer makes me want to pull out my friend and play a little with him. I was expecting today to be the easiest day of them all. Serioulsy, I beat off five times yesterday, I was thinking that my penis would be so tired that it would lay limp in my briefs all day.

Definitely not the case!!

My penis has been so fully engorged...not neccessarily a full erection, but definitely not laying limp in my underwear. One point at work today I had to get up and walk around just to get my mind off the madness. It is sheer madness...and it is even more so knowing that I am doing this to myself. It is keeping me in a constant state of arousal. And it is only day one.

Stay tuned!

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